Meet Steve,the guy ready for the Tech long haul.


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Stephen is a software developer and a technical writer.

I basically am a frontend developer who has been learning about the backend for at least 6 months to when this profile was written.


  • Good use of Redux Toolkit
  • version control with Git/Github
  • Unit test with Jest and Vitest
  • Component test with React testing library
  • Good understanding of Docker
  • Usage of webpack
  • Passwords hashing with Bcrypt
  • Comfortable with databases
  • Data transfer with Curl and Postman


React js
Chart js
Node js
Express js


Drugstore Inventory

expiry tracker

My first fullstack app. A drugstore inventory app made to tack expired drugs,this version is mainly for the public to test.

Tech used : MongoDB,Express js,React js, Node js

shopping cart

shopping cart

My first React js app. An Ecommerce frontend display app used to test my understanding of the context API and useReducer for global state management

Tech used :React js, CSS, Phosphor-react

Polynomial Evaluator

algebraic calculator

A web app for evaluating polynomials.Built on Horner's algorithm.

Tech used : HTML,CSS,JavaScript

Boxing Rounds Timer

Boxing timer

An app used to time a boxing fight round of 3 mins each. Equipped with start and end bell signals.

Tech used : HTML,CSS,JavaScript

Figure Checker

FIgure Checker

Used to highlight numbers in a text. Those who deal with data and statistics will find this useful.Built with Regex.

Tech used : HTML,CSS,JavaScript

Bitcoin price checker

Bitcoin price check

Built on an API to track price of Bitcoin relative to Euro, Pounds and Dollar.

Tech used : HTML,CSS,JavaScript

Budget Checker

expense checker

An App built to keep track of our expenses.

Tech used : React,Phosphor-react,CSS

Game coin counter

Game coins tracker

An app that keeps track of the amount in coins which we exhaust per game play and reads a gameover when we drop below 0.

Tech used : HTML,CSS,JavaScript